Tranny & Zanna

About me

Industry Business Services
Occupation Corn doggers
Location Moose Taint County, USA, United States
Introduction Welcome to Moose-Taint County! The best way to view this blog is by scrolling to the bottom and reading up. Starting from the top down is a SURE way to confuse you if you haven't kept up with the story.
Interests Poking things with sticks, frying stuff, target shooting, white water rafting, music, Food Network, fireworks, Walmart, Turkey Bologna, Ford Pinto, Mexicans, sex, motorcycles, trees, tree stumps, wood, morning wood, ozone, crayons
Favorite Movies Spinal Tap, Team America, Repo Man, A Scanner Darkly
Favorite Music Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Motzart, Slim Whitman, Anthrax, Captain and Tenneile
Favorite Books Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy, Playboy, Maxim, JUGS, Concise Guide to Drug Interaction Principles for Medical Practice

You're in the grocery store with a broken cart. How will you ever be that hungry?

We'll just take someone else's cart when they aren't looking. Or maybe take it right in front of them. You gotta hustle to stay alive.