mountain girl

About me

Industry Arts
Occupation mamma
Introduction I'm a nor'easterner turned midwesterner now living in the mountains of Colorado
Interests making art, loving God, sewing, reading, health food, simple living, blogging, my guy and my babe
Favorite Movies anything Braveheart-ish or chick-flickish
Favorite Music worship songs and sappy country songs
Favorite Books Wild at Heart by John Eldredge, The Pursuit of God by Tozer, The Evidential Power of Beauty by Thomas Dubay, Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes, Anne of Green Gables, Madeline L'Engle's writings.

Please describe how you could take the peel off an apple all in one go:

I'd pull a sharp knife from the drawer, start at the top of the apple, and dig in. I'd go slowly but steadily, around and around, then faster and faster till it lies in a heap and the apple stands naked. Then I'd eat the peel.