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Location Germany
Introduction Welcome to my little corner of the world. May I introduce myself? My name is Swenja, and I am firm believer in the little things. Such as birthday cakes made from scratch, big cups of hot coffee at any time of day and adding a pinch of cinnamon to pumpkin soup. I own way too many scarves, have a thing for b&w photography and love my white knit blanket (that my cats insist I share with them). I have a list for everything and I get cranky when I don't get to cross things off them. Organizing is second nature and I have been known to open a recently purged closet with a silly smile, just to look at the neatly lined up contents for a minute. If any of that sounds familiar - well, then people like you are the reason I write about all my little things. If it's more than one of us, it's less weird, right?