Daniel "Tase" Hayden

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Gender MALE
Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Independent Mental Health Advocate with Pay As You Exit LLC
Location Northern Connecticut (Just down the street from the Haunting)
Introduction Lead Inmate of the Carl and Sons Asylum, Squad Leader of Ant Baby Machete Squad, the "Man" behind the Establishment, Given Honor in Hat Form By Paragon City, Lead Jerkface From Pod Six, Medicant Downline's Beloved Wildman Of The Ring Jacob Cass, Endorses Pay As You Exit Brand Ravioli-Os But Not The Cool Crime of Burglary, Was My Dying Machine's Hipster Bane Long Before It Was Cool, a Social Justice Ravager Twice Removed, Retardos Number 1 Forever!
Favorite Movies Deadpool, Cloverfield, Fifth Element, Saw VI, Turbo Kid, Meatball Machine
Favorite Music Almost anything with keyboards and guitars barring emo, including but not limited to industrial, coldwave, progressive metal, J-Rock, etc.
Favorite Books Deadpool, Agent X, Astonishing X-Men, Thunderbolts, Avengers: the Initiative, Nextwave, X-Factor