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Location Somerset West, Cape Province, South Africa
Introduction To my family, and very special friends, I am known as Biddy and although I have never met you, and because you are about to enter into my past and hear some things never before told, you may also call me Biddy. As you have probably guessed, I am 84 - on May 3rd 2010 to be exact. Where I live and who I am now is of no immediate interest, it is what happened along the way that matters. For years my family has been nagging me to write the story of my life, in spite of my insisting that no-one would be interested. Well, now my daughter has dumped a laptop literally in my lap, has opened up a blog site for me and told me to get going. What can I do? For eighteen years I told her what to do (or advised her what to do) with pretty good results I might say, so now that I have reached the age where she holds MY hand when crossing the road, I have given in and agreed to "have a go". I am not sure what will follow this opening. It could be of interest to you or not, but at least my children will leave me in peace. I would like to dedicate what follows to my daughter Jeni, my son Tom and my granddaughter Juliea who all insist "you can do it, Biddy". So here goes.