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Occupation writer
Introduction Well, I write. I write a lot. And I write short fiction and creative non-fiction. But mostly I come here to write less-than-concise blog entries about nothing. Kind of like Seinfeld shows, but wordier. And no Kramer. But lots of Costanza. I'm really excellent at channeling my inner Costanza.
Interests Most of my interests center around writing (of course). But I'm also interested in the film & tv industry (and I have no idea why--I just find it fascinating...maybe because it's visual storytelling). Oh, and world peace! I'm so interested in that. And I'm always interested in naps and cupcakes. In fact, I think if we could somehow combine storytelling/writing with storytelling/film & television, naps, and cupcakes? This would lead to world peace. I really don't understand why this isn't a constant topic of conversation at those G8 summits. Probably because Putin starts acting like a dick when people bring baked goods into the conversation.
Favorite Movies Anything that makes me cry. And please know: just about everything makes me cry. Well, not horror movies. But everything else. Emotional movies are my kryptonite. (Don't let Putin know.)
Favorite Music I'm not a fan of rap--it's so angry. And I can't listen to country--it's so whiny. I think when rap stars and country stars get together to make a song they're mocking me, so I'm really annoyed at Brad Paisley and LL Cool J right now.
Favorite Books I can't just...put a LIST of those here. We'd be here all day!

Your superpower is that you smell like dandelions whenever someone lies. How will you maintain your secret identity?

By severely over-dousing myself with Elizabeth Arden's SUNFLOWER perfume every morning. Come on! What a stupendously easy question for someone with superpowers, Blogger.