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Gender MALE
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Trainer
Location Antwerp, Belgium
Introduction warning! not updated since 2010 something. Born in the eighties, still alive and staying that way for many years to come. I graduated as an MSc. in biology from the university of Antwerp in Sept 2008. Finishing a dissertation about testate amoeba and their potential in biomonitoring. I combined my final year with a part-time job at the medical faculty. After that i went to London, doing a short internship and looking for opportunities to get into the field of sustainability. Right now I'm working for the province of Antwerp at the department of the environment. I love: most of my friends, taichi, the great outdoors, reading, cooking, eating, blogging/writing and just life itself. Music and humor are also very important to me. Furthermore I like the rest of my friends, playing some piano, scifi and fantasy. I don't like: people who dare to say "I'm bored" (there's just NO excuse for boredom, open your eyes dammnit), and certain types of seafood (but that's ok, we're seriously overfishing the oceans anyway. Just a few more years and we'll have won the war against fish!).
Interests Science, music, love, martial arts, the beautifull parts of our little planet, cooking and eating, and ofcourse global domination.
Favorite Movies Lord Of The Rings trilogy, The Game, Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain, Payback
Favorite Music This is difficult... there's so much good music out there, "How To kill Angels" by Stijn Tant is very good!
Favorite Books I've read a lot of:, Terry Pratchett, but mostly I read, non-fiction, things that are more likely to actually have some use in real life :) Although i've learned some very interesting things from Fantasy novels (, Tolkien, T. Goodkind)