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Location Oneonta, AL
Introduction I graduated from Judson College in Marion, Alabama. I'm left handed and I tell fantastical stories. I have a husband, a daughter, a son, two dogs and two cats. I spend my days trying to raise my children to be better people than I am.
Interests the judson, my ipod, npr, taking pictures, antiques, coke icees, auburn, nancy drew, politics, crochet, tennis, cooking, coffee, vinyl, reading, being outside but never camping, handwritten letters, 5k races, cloth diapers, buying local, farmer's markets, flea markets, quilting, sewing
Favorite Movies momento, american psycho, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, my life without me, all the real girls, vanilla sky, big fish, elizabethtown, the life aquatic with steve zissou, garden state, office space, love actually
Favorite Music jump little children, death cab for cutie, the postal service, damien rice, better than ezra, maria taylor, iron & wine, third eye blind, johnny cash, leonard cohen, jeff buckley, dashboard confessional, bright eyes, kate campbell, frank sinatra, ella fitzgerald
Favorite Books Daughters of the Dream, Lord of the Flies, American Psycho, A Separate Peace, Rebecca, They Call Me Kay, Castle in the Attic, A Grief Observed, The Fountainhead, P.S. Your Cat is Dead, Atlas Shrugged, Cat's Cradle, The Great Divorce, Breakfast of Champions, The Bell Jar, The Curious Incident With the Dog in the Nighttime

Please come up with a more appropriate name for the ringtoe:

a toe is a toe is a toe. unless it's the big toe or the pinky toe. but if I must, it's the little piggy that stayed home.