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Gender Male
Industry Education
Occupation writer
Location Massachusetts, United States
Introduction Father dying young(27)and abandoned by his mother,George Pollock grew up in foster homes. At 17 he ran away. Alone, no family,dead-end jobs, he joined the U.S. Army. He served 1956-58 as a radar operator at a Nike site in California, scanning the skies for "commie" aircraft. After army service, with the help of a National Defense Education Act loan,he went to college (Merrimack). He made the varsity hockey team as a freshman and got a a full, 4-year athletic scholarship. He went to UMass for a Master's Degree. He and his new bride took off for Africa (Kenya and Nigeria) where he taught for 3 years. He went on to a long career in educational publishing as a writer and editor. Today, though years beyond normal retirement age, he writes Patient's Progress. He writes stories, not tweets. They go anywhere,get the research they deserve, involve issues and people he experiences firsthand, and are as long as they need to be. He also publishes ebooks,(listed at the end of the story). He has no boss. He says: "Today I am a pure writer. I write what I damn well please and the way I think it should be done -- and I am happy to let readers judge the result."
Interests Family, people, new things and places, news, photos, the story.

What's the most amount of sand you've ever had in your swimming trunks?

I don't know and don't care, though I might write about someone for whom sand in swimming trunks is important.