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Gender MALE
Location Redmond, WA
Introduction Also, google Simfish, Tonto_Simfish, InquilineKea, and Simfishy if you want to see everything I've posted online. And yes, "repeat the search with the omitted results included." Tonto was the name of an old clan I was in. I understand that this happens to go on the top of all google searches. ^^ I played Age of Kings from 2001 to let's say, 2003/2004. And I'm known as Simfish on many forums. Now I joined an early entrance program to the University of Washington.
Interests comparative psychology, parrots, macaws, mallards, interspecies communication, cynicism, hermits, being utterly engrossed in my mind
Favorite Movies don't watch any
Favorite Music maybe i could be exposed to some music...