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Location Canada
Introduction I am a 16 year old girl, living in a town in Canada. I would like to cosider myself a unique individule. I love the arts. Music, fashion, fine arts, dance, theator, ect..., I am hoping to pursue a career in fashion. I also have an obbsession with pigs, (which would explain my blog's name.) Now i want to warn all my readers in advance, of the fact that i can not spell. At all. But i'll try my best to make it legible. This blog will not always make sense. It may be a little dark at times, seeing as my family and I are going through some difficult times right now. But for the most part, this blog will be about fashion. And yeah. (By the way, I can be a bit of a valley girl sometimes. So if I over use the word "like," or say "yeah" at random times, or use "text talk" also known as acronyms, I appoligize. I may also over use the phrase "no offense" for totaly seperate reasons)
Interests Art, music, photography, fashion, pigs, texting, boys
Favorite Movies Yes Man, Penelope, Whip It, 500 Days of Summer, Juno, The Runaways
Favorite Music The Killers, The Beatles, The Artic Monkeys, Hollerado, The Doors
Favorite Books The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Count of Monety Christo, The Narnia series