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Location Kanab, UT, United States
Introduction I'm a stay-at-home mom, turned author. I have one husband, two little boys, two little girls, and a lot of housework. In between those things, I write young adult books, generally featuring fairy tale themes (at least, so far). I hope to have my books in print some day and spend at least some time every day trying to figure out how to do that. I grew up in a small town in Utah, live in an even smaller town in Utah. Some day, I might leave for the big city, but it's not really likely.
Interests writing, reading, being a mom, helping my husband with stuff, long walks on beaches (when it's convenient), hiking in the mountains, nature, a lot of other cool stuff
Favorite Movies I like a lot of movies. Mostly classics with great music. And I watch a lot of cartoons right now. (Or more accurately, ignore them while my two year old watches on repeat.)
Favorite Music Jazz, classical, angsty stuff like Sarah McClachlan and Alanis Morisette, (Spelling names is not a strong point.) Really, if it isn't rap or heavy metal, I'll listen to it.
Favorite Books This list is too long for me to even try more than the apparent few. I read Pride and Prejudice at least once a year, and love Jane Austen in general. Harry Potter, a lot of of YA books, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Mercedes Lackey, Robin McKinley, Gail Carson Levine, Anne McCaffrey, and it just gets longer from here.