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Occupation Bearer of Peace and Love
Location Nevada City, CA
Introduction I love to Hoop, Dance, Spread Peace and Love, cook and eat veggie friendly food, I love to connect, meditate, explore, travel, ride my bike, star gaze, and sun bathe. It is my ultimate dream to share hoop love with the world!
Interests Using the body to connect with your highest self, and thus ultimate wellness and bliss! Through Hoop dance, Meditation, and dancing! As well as a fusion of circus community yoga.
Favorite Movies Renegade, Metatropia, The goonies, The Fountain, DMT the spirit molecule, across the universe, how to train you dragon, the hooping life
Favorite Music Anything with, dub step, trance, drum and base, electronica. Shpongle, Tipper, Base nectar, Beats Antique, Funkatron the glitch mob, trentmoller, telepopmusic, tycho, jill scott..sooo many more

Whoops! Your tongue is now a magnet. Whatever will you use for silverware?

I love my wooden utensils! BAMBOO! WOOHOO!