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Location Where The Wild Things Are, New York.
Introduction my name is Claire. i have a slight obbession with vintage cameras :). love my friends. I have a tendency to space out and dream. (:
Interests Domo-kun, Fashion, Converse, Chips, Cookie Dough, my family, cooking, cupcakes, good conversation, laughing, photography, scrap booking, candles, bubble baths, slippers, lip-gloss, hiking, nature, inspiration, peanut butter, mashed potatoes, blankets, orchids, flip flops, karaoke, jello, nail polish, poetry, star bucks, perfume, shoes, purses, the PERFECT jeans, dogs, horses, sleeping, not working, this AWESOME blog, pajamas, traveling, concerts, exploring the world, crème brulee, cheese, Audrey Hepburn, buying books, Saturdays, snow, lame jokes, sitting next to a fire, talking on my cellphone, dressing up, surprises, making others happy, super heroes, eating new things, sailboats, CHOCOLATE!, relaxing, games, manicures, soda, CD, my iPod, IMing, milk, tons of magazines, saving the earth, ice cream, colors, pretty flowers, rainbows, sunsets, vintage anything, walking barefoot, bookstores, road trips, strawberries, fruit, stuffed animals, IKEA, fluffy clouds, dunkin donuts, beaches, birthdays, islands, old photos, accessories, Bubble-baths, Watching Movies, Selena Gomez's Style, Demi Lovato, Music, Art, & Friends
Favorite Movies Bruce Almighty, Camp Rock, 27 Dresses, WALL-E, Just My Luck, Twlight, Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider 2, the Simpsons Movie, Coraline, Devil wears Prade, Little Ms. Sunshine, and Much More!
Favorite Music Music in general. Love it, can't live without it.
Favorite Books Twilight, Heart on my Sleave, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning Of Life, Eclipse, Poseur, Poseur 2, Breaking Dawn, In Your Room, This Lullaby, Just Listen, and many more...

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