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Gender Male
Industry Student
Occupation Studdying
Location Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Introduction Hey if ya don't know me thats fine i'm not very social but hey im trying to... um lets see besides all that crap up their i recently got into Christian Outreach collage Brrisbane or COCB also known as COC but the school put the B their and we all know why... so im going to grade 11 in 2006 im thrilled hope i get a good OP when im finished school.. ya any how that should be enough about me.
Interests God. Girls, Computers, Games (from console to PC), Drawing (I like to think im rather good at it), Arcutecture and some Mountain Bike riding
Favorite Movies ooo ooo I know how about Island... yer i thought that was a pritty cool movie mmm and um maby Ong Bak yer good fighting foreign movie that was but i pritty much like most movies i watch
Favorite Music I have a very large tast in music frome the bettles to system of a down
Favorite Books The BIBLE because im a good christian boy Big fan of mattew reilys collection and some magna every now'n again

What's the most amount of sand you've ever had in your swimming trunks?

Full to the brim baby, though the chafing afterwards was not to spectacular...