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Location Rootstown, Ohio, United States
Introduction I am 27 years old and am currently obsessed with vampires and fictional death metal bands (Dethklok FOREVER). I write fanfic for fun - say that 3 times fast :) I am also writing an original fiction piece, but I won't be posting any of it until it is near completion.
Interests Music, Metalocalypse, books, some anime, movies, Dethklok slash, World of Warcraft (I'm a nerd)
Favorite Movies V for Vendetta, Shaun of the Dead, Dracula, anything with Seth Rogen, tons of others depending on my mood (we have over 400 dvds)
Favorite Music Metal, Industrial, Alternative, Classic Rock
Favorite Books Southern Vampire Series, Pride and Prejudice, cheesy romances, anything with vampires

Chicken monkey shoes?

Hm... would those be monkey shoes for a chicken, chicken shoes for a monkey, one chicken shoe and one monkey shoe for me, or some weird chickemonk-hybrid shoe?