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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Graphic Artist, Special Effects Artist, Storyboard Artist, Caricaturist, and Background Actor
Location calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Introduction Freelance: photographer, caricaturist, story board artist, graphic artist, filmmaker, sculptor, special effects artist, occasional educator, obtainer of antiquities, & adventurer. . . . EVERY IMAGE YOU SEE HERE IS COPYRIGHTED. Don't steal: it's bad Karma, brothers and sisters.
Interests Travel, photography, filmmaking, props, whip arts, caricatures, antiques, 1930's, 1940's, 1880's, the Queen Mary, Los Angeles, art deco, special effects, film noir, fedoras, hats, guns, film, cameras, Steampunk, time travel, skulls, the arcane, archaeology, bullwhip, National Geographic, history, British Honduras, jungles, pith helmets, vodka, black women, maps, art, suits, coffee, tiki, urban exploration, burlesque, comics, boudoir photography, "French Postcards", vintage, retro, costumes, architecture, costuming, naps, making things, martinis, gimlets, miniatures, models, pith helmets, adventure, camping
Favorite Movies Blue Brothers, Delicatessen, Indiana Jones, City of Lost Children
Favorite Music Crime Jazz, Barry Adamson
Favorite Books Raymond Chandler, Dashielle Hammet, Hunter S. Thompson

If you were a cannibal, what would you wear to dinner?

What do you mean 'if'? Special meals require special attire. Tux and tails with a leopard print cummerbund, and a matching fez is appropriate, I think.