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Occupation Being a woman. 'Nuff said.
Location In the vicinity of Georgia, United States
Introduction I am Miss Hope. I am Southern and the mom of three amazing kids. My husband has retired from the USNAVY after 20 years of service and now we're starting a new adventure and chapter in our lives. Come along and see just how crazy it can be around The Edge.
Interests books. lots and lots of books.
Favorite Movies Give me something from the 80's so I can pretend I'm still a teenager and all I have to worry about is gas money to go out next weekend and I'm good.
Favorite Books Ahhh...books. Lovely things. Read them before I can help myself

What did you dream when you ate a spider while sleeping?

If I ate a spider, I don't want to know. Seriously. I might throw up for several days. Wait a minute...this might a good diet plan.