Miss Hannah

About me

Industry Student
Occupation dork
Location British Virgin Islands
Introduction Hannah Elisabeth is my label. I blow out my candles the 27th of november[sweet16] I'm am all around fun, cool, crazy, easy to talk to person. Jesus Christ is my life. Pinching me && messing up my hair are the two things that make me more mad than anything else. Oh yeah, when I grow up I want to be a well-known professional photographer. I want to travel the world with my husband, whoever that may be. .I sing. I also love acting. I like any kind of music, except for country, it's not my cup o' tea. I write...a lot. I have tons of old notebooks with poems, storys, my thoughts or whatever written in them. I am a full time student, and a part time worker. I can cook too. Hugs are a vital part of my life. I cant get through the day without at least 12. I love bundling up on the couch with friends and watching any kind of movies.I love life, and I intend to live every second of it with all that I am.
Interests my relationship with God. My family and friends. I can cook. I am really good at making grilled cheeses =) i love watching movies. i played soccer for a long time, and then kinda gave it up...but i still play whenever i can. i have this weird obsession with my hair...i really do believe that someday I will marry rupert grint, and we will both live in Brooklyn with our awesome British accents. I love traveling. I've wanted to go to Brooklyn since I was 6 years old (watch newsies). i write a lot. and not the stupid emo death poetry either. I've currently started reading a lot (yes, I've always known how to.) and thats about it.

so you're gonna suffer...but you're gonna be...happy about it?