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Gender Male
Industry Education
Occupation art teacher, reading teacher, jewelry instructor, currently an elementary teacher in a LD classroom in Cleveland Ohio
Location Tipp City, Ohio, United States
Introduction I've been teaching for 20+ years now and have taught all age groups from Kindergarten through college age. I've taught general art, ceramics, jewelry making, reading, LD classes, GED classes,and some banjo and guitar. I've taught for various public schools in Northeast Ohio, (Cleveland Municipal, Warren City, Painesville City,& Cleveland Heights, Citizens Academy), Lake County Juvenile Justice Center, and college classes at Lorain County Community College in addition to conducting adult and children workshops with arts related themes. Currently I'm teaching at Bethel Local schools, in the Dayton Ohio area. I used to be an instructor at Lorain County Community College teaching either an arts and crafts class for educators or a jewelry making class. I've attended KSU for my Bachelors degree in fine and professional arts and education and Cleveland State for my masters in curriculum and instruction and my k-12 reading certification.
Interests I'm a 62 year old bald guy that's been married for almost 30 years. I'm a teacher of various subject matter, from elementary to adult, usually reading, GED, art, or music. BFA at KSU and an MA at CSU. I'm always looking forward to my next meal and beverage, my wife, working around the house and yard, making and fixing stuff, a bicycle ride, paddling my kayak my next book or magazine, and working out in the studio making jewelry, or playing guitar or banjo.
Favorite Movies So many, a list would have to include, Bringing up Baby, Big Lebowski, Seven Year Itch, Comedy in general, Blade Runner, Sc-Fi stuff, Family Guy, and cartoons in general, I have many old cartoons on my mp3 player. I just nabbed Quasi at the Quackdero the other day-a great cartoon made by Sally Cruikshank.
Favorite Music Old timey, reggae, orchestral, old and new rock, jazz, Frank Zappa, I like a lot of stuff, pretty varied interests. I've got over 16 gigs of music on my mp3 player and that's not near enough room.
Favorite Books I've read a lot of Sc-Fi; Farmer, Heinlien, Hubert, etc., but am currently on a non-fiction binge. History of the World and Everything; Bryson, Map that Changed the World, Botany of Desire; Pollen, Basin and Range; McPhee, Sexual Persona; C. Paglia, Galieo's Daughter; Dava Sobel are a few recent things that come to mind. Much Ado About Nothing is in my windbreaker pocket right now and I'm getting towards the end of The Pillars of Earth by K. Follett and the sequel is probably next.

What's the most amount of sand you've ever had in your swimming trunks?

very little, we're talking grams, and not for long.