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Location Bay Area, CA, United States
Introduction 24. Born &raised in the Bay Area. Engaged to my long term boyfriend (nearly 6 years) who recently joined the United States Air Force.

I'm addicted to History, to all things fantasy (except Harry Potter). To magic, sorcery and things people dont think are real. I'm addicted to lust, to passion between two people. To writing and taking pictures when the words dont seem enough. To music and singing when talking just takes way too much energy. I'm addicted to passionate hobbies and obsessions. To being one of the guys. And sometimes, one of the girls. I like to create things even though I wasnt blessed with the ability to. I'm constantly pushing my limits because life would be boring if I didnt. I enjoy making mistakes and learning from them. Or sometimes, just making them.

I'm reckless, I'm spoiled, I'm stubborn, I love flirting and taking chances. Overall, I love putting that all aside because I love being in love with him. As much as I miss all of that... I'd miss him by my side even more.

Trying to defy gravity while dancing through life and trying to keep my cool. Cause you know...

"those who dont try never look foolish..."
Interests photography, United States Air Force, jewelry making, , shopping, web design, graphic design, makeup, video games, music, baking & pastry, fine dining, traveling, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Disney, sunset, sunrise, long conversations, laughing, blogging, reading, Twilight, Wicked, Wicca, Wizard of Oz, thunderstorms, Greek Mythology, candles