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Gender Male
Industry Education
Occupation Integration
Introduction I am interested in interaction, care, growth, development, evolution, interlution, and pleasure redefined. I recently eanred a PhD, but I value the education garnered from my feet more. I am now professing though I have to confess that I'm dubious about much of what will inevitably be professed. I intend to use this space for staying in relative touch with students, teachers, mentors, friends, and theorists. Ideally, this space will serve as a platform for educational reconstruction. Educational reconstruction, eternally underway despite tired histories, fascinates me. I would like to know how people become people. While some argue that public education is essential to the process, I am not so sure. I am, for sure, sure, that walmart schools will only make things worse. What I would like to do is reimagine, reorganize, and rejuvinate communities, families, and individuals engaged in democratic projects. At present, despite their flaws, I see "public schools" as being an important, and perhaps essential, component of such a project... I am currently leading a national effort to repeal the No Child Left Behind Farce.
Interests Democracy, poststructuralism, feminism, idealism, moving beyond passion and reason, teaching, schools, cognitive science, philosophy, educational policy, kung-fu, critical theory, compassion, social activism, ethnography, foundations, Dewey, Huntsville
Favorite Movies No time for movies these days!
Favorite Music
Favorite Books Currently reading Democracy's Edge, which you need to buy.

The wicked backspin caught you off guard. How will you play it off without losing your footing?

By taking a deep breath.