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Gender MALE
Location Netherlands
Introduction On August 5th 1965, at ten minutes past five in the morning, a little bundle of flesh and bone, as pink as a piglet, drew a deep breath and released its first cry, announcing his arrival to this world. There was no new star alight in the skies above Novi Sad at the time of my birth. Millions of souls entered the world that day, and millions have left it since. There was nothing significant in being born at that particular moment and in that particular place. Life threw yet another die and they named it Petar... ...Now, more than 30 years after the publication of my first comic, I look back on the trail left by my pencils and brushes. During this time, I created numerous imaginary worlds and populated them with various creatures; and although no pigeon descended on my painted grapes, our dog once growled at one of my life-size nude drawings. If I now squint my eyes to blur some mistakes and imperfections, I must admit that I am quite content with what I see. I am also grateful for having the opportunity to fulfill my dreams and to become the artist I always wanted to be. From comics to painting, and beyond… What a wonderful journey!