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Occupation Christian Author
Location From the Piney Woods of East Texas, United States
Introduction Hi. I'm Lynne. And I make mistakes! My biggest one, of late, is writing two exciting novels (which garnered great reviews) and then packaging them with a title and a cover that scared the wits out of my intended audience. It's something I had to rectify before too much time goes by. So, you may notice that "Handful of Demons" and "Devil's Digs" are gone and have been replaced by "Pastor McAlester's Bride" and "Winnoby Cabin", respectively. It's my prayer that my readers will overlook this booboo and continue reading my novels. Because I intend to write one a year for as long as the Lord will let me. In addition to "Pastor McAlester's Bride" and "Winnoby Cabin", I offer my latest . . . "Ian's Song", a free-standing novel about a rough-riding, fast-living truck driver, and an easy-going, God-loving evangelist, who never meet, but whose lives are inexorably intertwined . . . by a song! My next novel, in the works as we speak, is tentatively entitled "Man of God." And is about a very famous, dedicated, fictional television evangelist who falls in love with a small town girl.
Interests Wild animal rehab, classical music