About me

Industry Student
Location D.C., United States
Introduction an idealistic 22-year old's attempts to vent feelings and rationalize happenings in this world through this space. although i have occupied this blog, i do not plan on enforcing this occupation through concrete barriers that will prevent visitors from traveling though this site. Nor will I use security check points to make sure that individuals have the right nationality/race/ethnicity in order to comment. this blog is an expression of my thoughts on international politics, human rights, globalization, culture, and society with a focus on the Middle East from an Arab American perspective.
Interests reading, politics, international conflicts, documentary films, photography, religion, scrapbooking, nature, writing, Cheesecake Factory's Godiva Cheesecake
Favorite Movies Hotel Rwanda, Paradise Now, Control Room, Shrek, Gaza Strip, Peace Propoganda & the Promised Land, Crash, Farenheit 9/11, Bend it Like Beckham, Life & Debt
Favorite Books The Kite Runner, Emails from Scheherazad, Anna Karenina, The Da Vinci Code, In Search of Fatima, The God of Small Things, I Saw Ramallah, The Alchemist, The Great Gatsby, When the Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, Season of Migration to the North

Which is easier to make a model airplane out of and why: a banana peel or a wet sock?

i'd rather not talk about airplanes, if u know what i mean.