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Location London/Kent, Kent, United Kingdom
Introduction This is Melissa blogging. I'm a twenty-three year old Post-grad English student and magpie. I wish I had been born in the Victorian era, when the clothes were so beautiful, the literature was incendiary, and Oscar Wilde still graced the planet. Clothes, accessories and jewellery are amongst my passions, and my friends think I always find the best things. So I started this blog to share my finds with everyone. I hope you see something here that you love, too!
Favorite Movies High Fidelity, Breakfast on Pluto, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Velvet Goldmine, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Don Juan de Marco, The Libertine, The Wind that Shakes the Barley
Favorite Music GoodBooks, Squeeze, Blur, The Cure, Muse, Placebo, Silverchair, Nine Inch Nails, David Ford
Favorite Books Everything by Neil Gaiman, The Trial by Kafka, One Hundred Years of Solitude by Marquez, A Quickening Maze by Foulds, Perfume by Suskind, Everything by Philip Pullman

You have a red jar of cedar chips. Why do moths miss the forest?

No, because my milk was fresh. Curdled milk would probably look like the lumpy surface of the moon. And curdled milk deserves to be spilled!