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Industry Arts
Occupation (classical) musician
Location Ithaca, NY, United States
Introduction This all started out as the story of our October 26, 2008, Ithaca wedding. In spring 2007, after we'd lived together in Boston for almost 5 years, Tim was offered a job in Ithaca. We moved here in July 2007 and, although we miss our friends in Boston like crazy, we're loving the slower pace and beautiful surroundings. I'm a professional violist and have to travel a lot for work, but Ithaca feels like home. When we got engaged, I was so excited to be getting married after being together for more than 6 years. We'd known for a long time that it was the right thing, but it finally felt like the right time. Now, I'm navigating my way through the following: calling Tim "husband" after 6.5 years. Explaining to people in a progressive but still small community that I'm keeping my name (seriously?). Realizing it really *is* different, in small ways that I'm still figuring out. Dealing with both of our financial issues head-on. Seeing that my dad was right when he said I'd want to spend more time at home once I had a ring on my finger. Dammit. Why do they have to be right?