About me

Location Canton, Ohio, United States
Introduction I am older, not ancient but close if you listen to my grandkids. All of my life I've wanted to write and I have the notebooks, journals and diaries to prove it. Pennsylvania is my home state. The beautiful Ohio River was a football field away from our back door until I was about eight. After that it was the mountains near State College until I graduated high school and took myself to Minnesota. For the last forty years Ohio has been home. I love my family, laughing and a good mystery.
Interests Reading, writing, people watching, old movies. old cartoon shows and life in general
Favorite Movies Anything Mel Brooks, Airplane, and movies from the 30's, 40's and 50's
Favorite Music Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart and Phil Collins. My mood decides the music so it can be anything from country to classical
Favorite Books Anything Agatha Christie, Erma Bombeck, Andrew Greeley and so many others there's not enough room