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Occupation SAHM
Location Bend, Oregon, United States
Introduction 9 yrs ago I imagined a life full of children and complete happiness and for the most part I have it all. I have a husband who loves me more then anything, even with his faults he truly is the best man for me. He forgives me of all of my faults and man do I have many of those. I have begun a new journey in my life, I am finally finding me. I some how forgot through all the diaper changes, late nights, peanut butter faces, birthday parties, fighting, school projects, family trips, holidays that I needed to become something more then just the mom, wife, sister and friend I was. People would ask “what do you do?” I would almost be ashamed to say SAHM like I was less educated then them. Not worthy of their time. I don’t feel that way anymore. I am proud to have one of the hardest jobs ever. I now say with my head held high, I am the SAHM to 4 of the greatest kids in the World.