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Industry Agriculture
Occupation Truck driver
Location eastern ohio, United States
Introduction Hey--I'm a Conservative Friend from Ohio. That means nothing with respect to my political beliefs (I have none and do not participate in politics) nor does it tell you anything about my social leanings, which are radically leftist in some areas and radically rightist in others. What it does tell you is that I believe in the original Quaker revelation--that the Light is responsible for illuminating the conscience of men and women, and that light has a name and a face best described through the pursuit of Quaker Christianity. I have various previous lives in theoretical ecology and invertebrate micropaleontology, with a specialty in evolutionary ecology of montane cricetines of Arizona sky islands, and I can tell you more than you would ever want to know about the Silurian podocope ostracode fauna of Gotland, Podolia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the Wenlockian of England.
Favorite Movies I don't watch movies if I can help it. My kids make me watch movies, but I can usually only sit still for about half of one, then I have to go do something. If I spent my time watching movies, I'd be watching OTHER people go do something. Do you ever wonder what they might say about us, those people inside the movies? "Look at those lumps, out there on the couch again. Don't they have their own lives to live? Why're they always spying on us in here?" But maybe not.
Favorite Music I don't listen much to recorded music. It's not quiet when I do that. of course, it's not quiet when I ride my motorcycle, either, except when it stops working. Old Triumphs do that. Mine used to stop suddenly whenever anybody whispered "Rain . . ." or even "Mist . . ." That's because Joseph Lucas made the electrics. I've thrown most of that out, but it still sometimes goes quiet on me at inopportune moments.
Favorite Books The City Shaped--Kostof, Ulysses-first half only--James Joyce, Envisioning Information--Tufte, The Gospel of Mark--Oxford Annotated NRSV Bible, The Bhagavad Gita as It Is- Annotated ISKCON--Prabhupada, The Star Thrower--Loren Eisley, The Journal of George Fox--Nickalls, The War of the Worlds--H. G. Wells, Youth--Joseph Conrad, For Whom the Bell Tolls--Ernest Hemingway, The Stranger--Albert Camus, Origin of Species--Charles Darwin 7th edition, Darwin’s Black Box-- The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution--Behe, Invisible Man--Ralph Ellison, Shooting an Elephant--George Orwell, Voyage to Venus (Perelandra)--C. S. Lewis, All Quiet on the Western Front--Remarque, The Kon Tiki Expedition--Thor Heyerdahl, White Waters and Black--Gordon MacReach, Life on the Mississippi--Mark Twain, The Prince--Machiavelli, The Old Man--William Faulkner, The Jungle Book--Rudyard Kipling, The Grapes of Wrath--John Steinbeck, Wind, Sand, and Stars--Antoine de St. Exupery, Ice Ages--Solving the Mystery--Imbrie and Imbrie, Lord of the Flies--William Golding, The Yearling--Rawlings and Giff, Walden--Henry David Thoreau, Beowulf, The Odessey--Homer, Pilgrim’s Progress--John Bunyan, Mutiny on the Bounty/Men Against the Sea/Pitcairn’s Island--Nordhoff and Hall, Les Miserables--Victor Hugo, The Selfish Gene--Richard Dawkins, The Spirit of St. Louis--Louis Lindbergh, The Petersen Field Guide Series-All of them, The Last Days of Socrates--Plato, The Once and Future King--White, Half Mile Down--Beebe, Catch-22--Joseph Heller, Robinson Crusoe--Daniel Defoe, A Single Pebble--Hersey, A Tale of Two Cities--Charles Dickens, Fate is the Hunter--Ernest K. Gann, The Jungle--Upton Sinclair, David Balfour--Robert Louis Stevinson (Wyeth watercolor version), At the Rainbow’s End--Jack London, The Good Life--Scott and Helen Nearing, The Twelve Caesars--Suetonius

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

Why do all the world's deserts have kangaroo rat clones, little saltating mammals? The Gobi Desert has gerbils. The South African deserts have jerboas. I don't know about the Atacama, but I'll bet there's a little marsupial there with a long tail and kangaroo legs. The weird thing about jerboas is that they also have a black and white tail tuft, just like an American kangaroo rat.