About me

Occupation Missionary, Freelance Writer/editor, & Assistant Creative Director of a wedding invitation company
Introduction The original Greek for the word 'workmanship' in Ephesians 2:10 is 'poiema' and I can't help but notice how similar it is to our English word 'poem' and be captivated by the idea of our lives as God's poetry. Poetry is full of passion and feeling and ups and downs and you can only read it line by line. Some lines are full of delightful, delicious words that fill you with pleasure to read. Some are dark and foreboding and plunge you into the depths of despair in reading them. But in the end when you look back over the varied stanzas, all together they make something beautiful and complete. Blogged to keep family and friends updated from across the world, this is my journey to beauty and completion in the hands of the Master-Poet.
Interests The pursuit of God, both His of me and mine of Him... life and the beautiful in it, people and learning to love them as He does, music that moves me, long walks under dark skies bejewelled with stars, writing, reading (the classics, poetry, things with real feeling and real messages), family (especially the family that are like friends), friends (especially the friends that are like family), other cultures (especially European), babies and the glimmer of something unearthly shining within them, smiles (and their extensive list of causes), and the stories told in people's eyes...