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Industry Student
Occupation homemaker
Location Texas, United States
Introduction I'm an avid reader, a pack rat, an organized disaster. I'm a cook, a dreamer, an absolute believer. I love, I live, I strive, I thrive. I work hard, I lounge about, I stay on top of things, I let them slip out. I can stand a great deal, I can handle what is real, I love to spend time in the fantasy sublime. I revel in the sun and rain, I shrink from the past and pain. I catch dreams in a bottle to keep, I write them down when I'm not asleep. I write the stories of my life, of child and daughter, of sister and wife. I sleep like a rock and want so much more even though I know I should wake up at four. I call, I cry, I dance, I'm shy. I'd run like the wind If it weren't for my weight, in this state of stress I'm hard to sate. I love some classics and enjoy what is new, but my own style is the shiny glass shoe. Cinderella I ain't cause I'm not down on my luck, but I am a girl with a great deal of pluck. So for this tiny space in rhythm and rhyme I've told you more than you'll get for a dime.
Interests My family, music, my family, art, my family, books, my family, movies, my family, movies, my family
Favorite Movies Star Wars, cinderella (all kinds), the mummy, master and commander, pirates of the caribbean 123, indiana jones 1234, E.T, lord of the rings, knights tale, count of monte cristo, the passion, Anything by Pixar now and forever, harry potter series, twilight series, monster in law, what about bob, Mulan, Last holiday, fifth element, gladiator, red sonja, labyrinth, miss congeniality, annie
Favorite Music kelly clarkson, pink, nickleback, rush, cher, the beach boys, depech mode, enya, charlotte church, green day, Dave Matthews, jazz, classical- beetoven, debusey, vagner, vivaldi, verde, brahms
Favorite Books TWILIGHT!, Harry potter, Ella Enchanted and other cinderella stories, Anything by Gail Carson Levine or Garth Nix, all fairytales, the Hanna Swenson murder mysteries, the Myth series, anything by Steven Kellog, pickles the fire cat, Anything by Peter David, the Keys to the kingdom series, the Narnia Chronicles, Harold and his purple crayon series

You're wearing a sweater that stretches down to your feet. What color belt do you put on?

If it is a green sweater then a white belt with red spots. If it is a purple sweater then a hot pink belt with lavender stripes. (80's child through and through)