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Location northeast, Tennessee, United States
Introduction For a "dog breeder", I am ancient. A number of years ago, AKC statistics showed the average lifespan of a breeder was 5 years. I bred my first litter when I was in high school... and I graduated in 1961. I am happy to report my dogs, mixes and purebreds alike, are all long lived as well! I don't have a kennel. I believe dogs are happiestwhen around their people. All my dogs are housedogs. Puppies are born and raised in the tv room, the bedroom, the kitchen... whichever room has the most room at the time. I love puppies and find myself playing with them when I should be doing other things (an aspect of my personality that is reflected in my housekeeping.) Unlike many breeders, I keep pups until they are 12 weeks old. I feel this is better for them because it gives them a chance to learn what being a dog is all about and it is better for my puppy buyers (many of whom have never had a pet before) because the older pup is more mature mentally and physically and, therefore, easier to house train.
Interests Besides dogs, other animals especially all things horse, rodeo, reading, tv movies
Favorite Movies Brokeback Mountain
Favorite Music Il Divo, Susan Boyle
Favorite Books Anything by Dick Francis, mysteries, dramas