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Introduction Hi , I am Sri Nandhini Hari I wanted to create a blog jus to share my happenings @ my home. I am basically foodie. I feel God has sent us to earth to taste different flavors of food. Don’t you think its true because no one can live without eating , so why don’t we eat well. I think you would have understood that this blog will deal with food. Yes and I am planning to share my experiences I face in my life. I am married and I have got 2 kids a boy and a girl. My son is very very naughty and active kid. No one can stop him from running and jumping , but he is very affectionate and another thing is , he is a fusy eater and a great critic . He is the main motivation for me to write this blog. I do all new things to make him engaged so I am planning to share those with you. My daughter is jus born, so as of now she is not a big trouble for me. May be I start another blog when she grows up. Ofcourse , I have to tell about my Husband , He is my first blog. I used to express everything to him and he gives his suggestions and comments. Before my marriage this role was played by my dear sister . Both of them are my close friend. I hope you enjoy reading my Blog. Have a nice day….. 