About me

Industry Environment
Occupation Clerk
Location Canada
Introduction I just like to come home and relax on my days off and after work, watch my favorite TV shows and movies, relax and cuddle with my cat, Dewey. I like to blog once in awhile, make new friendly friends online here at Blogger and live a simple and quiet life.
Interests Art of all kinds, animals, wildlife, nature, crocheting, and kind people who share the same interests.
Favorite Movies Comedy, action, sci~fi, crime, horror, and thrillers. Nothing particular just something really good.
Favorite Music Rock music from the 80's and 90's, anything pop just leaves me confused and bewildered.
Favorite Books The internet mostly, only once in a blue moon (quite literally) I will pick up a book and read it. I read the news paper once for my dad because he's blind but that's about it.

Why are cats so adorably silly?