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Location Maryland, United States
Introduction I am a stay-at-home mom who is coming to grips with the fact that my children are growing up, and that is bitter sweet. I have several pets who understand me including a couple dogs, some beautiful pigeons (yes, pigeons), some chickens who boss me around, and a mourning dove who I believe is God's little whisper to me from heaven. I was a lawyer before I got really serious and became a mom. I love to knit, write, cook, and to take good care of my family. We struggle with my daughter's Reactive Attachment Disorder, and hold hands very tightly sometimes while we withstand the high tide of her challenges. Through it all, I am blessed to have a husband who is the corner piece to my puzzle.
Interests I like to knit, cook, read. write, and tend to my flock, be they animal or human. I used to be a lawyer, and may be again, but for the moment, I feel called to be a full-time homemaker and spend my time trying to hone that craft.
Favorite Movies Enchanted April, Camille Claudel, Strangers in Good Company, Life as a House, You've Got Mail, The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio, The War of the Roses
Favorite Music I'm reverting back to the music of my youth, 80s music. Long live the Cars, 'Til Tuesday, Cyndi Lauper, and U2 . . . Well, it looks like the last two are doing that, at least.
Favorite Books The Enchanted April, Elizabeth and Her German Garden, The Hatbox Baby, The Private World of Tasha Tudor, America Knits, Alligators Old Mink & New Money: One Woman's Adventures in Vintage Clothing