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Location Samaria, Israel
Introduction What's a nice family like us doing in a place like this? We are an Orthodox Jewish family that moved to Israel in 1991. We learned Hebrew, found work, moved to a nice suburban community 30 minutes from Tel Aviv, had a few kids... Pretty boring, right? It would be, if half the world weren't so obssessed with where we live. The nice suburban community we moved to is in Samaria, in the west bank. When speaking to Israelis or other Orthodox Jews, we refer to the place we live in as the Shomron, using the biblical, Hebrew term for the region. We chose to use west bank in our name because it is more familiar to those who have never heard of the term Shomron. Welcome to all of you interested in reading about what is happening in Israel from the perspective of a family living in a very newsworthy part of the world.
Interests Israel, Future of the Jewish People, Israeli Politics, Judea, Samaria, Gush Katif, Disengagement