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Industry Government
Location Colorado, United States
Introduction I obtained my BA in Linguistics from University of Colorado in 2008. Last October I spent one month in Barcelona earning a TESOL certificate, which I applied to a volunteer opportunity back in Colorado. I have been working in Computational Linguistics for the past few months, but I am now moving over seas for work. The opinions on this blog are my personal views and observations, and are not made to represent my employer or the US government. My background includes working in youth recreation teaching a variety of content and physical education classes, working in offices at the University and in Real Estate, and working as a linguistics annotator. I have studied Spanish for years and would really like to become fluent.
Interests Dance (jazz and belly dance), Harry Potter, fencing, pirates, youth and adult education, traveling.

What reason do you have to believe the earth is flat?

I've never gone "around" the entire world. I've only gone across countries and across seas. One day I'd like to be able to say I've been from one end to the other. Until then, I'll keep an open mind.