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Location Puget Sound Region, WA, United States
Introduction We do not choose our passions, but are instead chosen by them; photography chose me early on. My journey began with the camera I received one Christmas as a lad. I shot everything; nothing and no one was safe. I took a photography class in high school and joined the yearbook staff. With my dad’s 35mm Argus C44R I became annoying to a whole new group of people. Going forward I found myself in uniform as a Marine Corps photographer shooting everything from photo spreads for print to accident investigations to portraits. At the end of this chapter, photography was relegated to “hobby” status; as time went by I was picking up my camera less and less. The journey may have ended with that, but one day I realized that something was missing; upon reflection I understood that “something” was photography. I picked up my camera and started shooting again. I saved up my “shekels”, bought myself a digital outfit and here I am, dangerous all over again. I am inspired by the interplay between light and dark, and while I tend to favor black and white imagery, I recognize that some images not only look better in color, but actually require color to make their statement. The journey continues.

When you spilled the milk, did it look like the moon?

I didn't spill the milk! It was already spilled when I got there.