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Introduction This is a humble attempt to pass on non-sectarian wisdom as handed down through an ancient lineage of Teachers.
Interests Today we find religious teachings polarized among the different sects and faiths. Yet every faith arose from God's messengers trying to teach us to love and serve the Supreme Being, and love each other. Instead of following their teachings, much of human society has become bound up in religious sectarianism. When we focus on our differences we can miss the real message of these great Teachers. Proclaiming that one sect is right and other sects are wrong only separates us from each other and the One God who created us. Each of us needs to revive our innate loving relationship with the Supreme Being - our Best Friend and Soul Mate. No one is excluded from our ability to re-connect with God. Regardless of what church or temple we may go to. Regardless of what sect we may proclaim. Regardless of the family or country our body was born in or what color our body's skin is. Fulfillment comes from understanding our spiritual identity and re-establishing our lost relationship with the Supreme Being. This is the meaning and real purpose of religious activity, leading us to loving one another as fellow children of God. Please feel free to email me at with any questions.