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Occupation Master of all things Crafty. Sort-of.
Location South of the Mason Dixon Line
Introduction To know who I am you have to know where I've been. It’s a long list, but here we go! Texas, Connecticut, Utah, California, back to Connecticut, back to Texas, and then to Fayetteville NC; where I met the love of my life. Two months later we were married and I was an Army Wife for all of 1 week. Charley moved us to Montana. We only lived there a year. Charley went back into the Army, we had baby #2 and life continued on through his enlistment. Once again, we moved to Montana. I had finished my Bachelors Degree and was to be the bread winner for our family while he tried his hand at stay-at-home dad. I don't think anyone was surprised when we announced our decision for him to go back into the Army (AGAIN!) after only 1 year. Lets just say that Retail is not for me, management or not. In addition to being an Army wife again, I have just started homeschooling our boy. The goal? provide stability, lessen the impact of moving all the time, and help our very active child who has struggled with the traditional school system for years. This is where I've been. Its been a great ride.