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Gender Male
Occupation Primate-in-residence
Location Nawth Carolina, United States
Introduction EMAIL: sheckyr@gmail.com

I'm a number-luvin' primate; hope you are too! ...
"Shecky Riemann" is the fanciful pseudonym of a former psychology major and lab-tech (clinical genetics), now cheerleading for mathematics! A product of the 60's he remains proud of his first Presidential vote for George McGovern ;-) ...Cats, cockatoos, & shetland sheepdogs revere him (and he, them).
...now addicted to pickleball.

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Interests math, science/nature, psycholinguistics, cognition, wholistic health, birds, parrots, cockatoos, cats, shelties, flea markets, pickleball, coconut cake
Favorite Music Taylor Swift, Simon&Garfunkel, John Denver, Cat Stevens, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Pachelbel's Canon, folk, acoustic, 60's pop
Favorite Books Martin Gardner, Keith Devlin, Richard Elwes, William Byers, Raymond Smullyan, Charles Seife, Douglas Hofstadter...