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Industry Arts
Location georgia, United States
Introduction I'm an artist. I like working in all sorts of media. I have a 6 foot paper mache giraffe, named Gigi in my living room. The rest of my art can be seen at laughinglion.us
Interests books, movies, tv, sc-fi/fantasy, puzzles, anime, animation, cartoons, mystery, cats, boxing, hockey, art, painting, computers, food, england, japan, writing...
Favorite Movies yeesh... most recently liked, Over the Hedge, Serenity, My Nieghbor Totoro, still like, LOTR, Star Wars, Alien, The Princess Bride, X-Men, Spider-Man
Favorite Music a little of everything. What takes up the most space on the iPod is, Smashing Pumpkins, Depeche Mode, Madonna, ALI Project, anime music, Lisa Ray, u2, Louis Armstrong, Darling Violetta, cake, gorillaz, NIN, r.h.c. peppers, sting, pink, lisa loeb, suzanne vega
Favorite Books Kids stuff, fantasy stuff, mystery, comedy and facts and travel, Terry Prachett, Bill Bryson, Carrie Fisher, JK Rowling, Laurie King, are authors I actually buy. Support Libraries!

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

there's a G in baloney?