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Location Santa Barbara and Goleta, California, United States
Introduction As an avid home cook, I created Food Blahg simply as an outlet to display my personal love for -- and tendency to ramble about -- food and food-related topics.

What to find here:
‘Cook’: Recipes I’ve tried and would recommend, many of which I’ve altered slightly. Some are created and/or inherited.
‘Buy’: Foodstuffs I like to eat, cook with or play with.
‘Visit’: Reviews that are not full-fledged and detailed, but rather, mental notes for sharing as to where one can return for good grub.

A little more about me:
I love: cooking, baking, and finding foods and techniques/methods I've never tried.
I’m quite fond of: ingredients that can be used for both sweet and savory (i.e. avocado, squash, figs, corn, cheese, etc.).
I aspire to: expand my knowledge on various foodie subjects including wine and traditional sushi, and be more eco-friendly.
I once: used the word “garnishes” in describing how I felt about an outfit.
And also: I’m an impatient food photographer.

Thanks for stopping by!
Favorite Music Classic rock.