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Introduction Realth US Blog - Blogs are one of the most influential tools of consumer decision-making. Here are the most popular weight loss blogging sites' (Realth US). Blogs provide a place for dieters to share their experiences and help each other through the process of losing weight. While there was a time when dieters were the only ones who used blogs, today everyone from the president to celebrities, and even companies, are making their blogs public. So, this is a great way to get help from a wide range of people. Research over the years has shown that it is easier to stick to a diet when you are part of a group of peers, such as through social networking. Vision - Making every third American aware of the health & fitness knowledge-base Mission - Making America's weight loss knowledge-base known to as many fitness lovers as possible Publication - Main Publication English and Google Translated publication Hindi, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified) Credit - US Technologies (AI) and all American Fitness Lover for any Query :- .