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Introduction Philaquely Moi (pronounced fi-lake-ly mu-ah) is basically a play of the words "Phila"te"ly" + Uni"que" with Moi (French for Mine) which merely indicates - 'My Unique Philately Collection'. This site is about my collection of Unusual / Unique stamps. Would love to hear from you on the unusual stamps from your country. I generally collect only mint stamps. I do not sell stamps. Philately is the study and collection of postal stamps and of postal stationeries. It comes from two Greek words, philos (meaning loving) and atelos (meaning free of tax, or paid). Stamp collecting is one of the most popular collecting hobbies in the world and has been called as "the hobby of kings and the king of hobbies." Do look up my introduction and beginnings in my earlier March 2013 postings...
Interests Philately (unique stamps / miniature sheet MNH/ FDCs)