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Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Introduction Every one tells you how and who to be like...I've heard this so many times...behave like a girl! dress like a girl! laugh like a girl! (really laugh like a girl)Some people spend their whole life trying to figure out who they are...scary isnt it. By the time they figure out who they are, they gotta go!Well im lucky, I figured out who I am - Im random! and I love being me! Im random about what I wear and when I talk (man O man) thats when you'll know I'm random! Its actually kinda fun and its something I do without even realising it - jump randomly from topic to topic! Being random nowdays has it consequences cause I'm getting old..so if i randomly decide to walk out of something like I used to, well I cant! Be random people - it helps! It breaks the routine of normal life...its spontaneous and a whole lot of fun! Being random - you have to love it!
Interests reading and writing mostly when i feel like it!
Favorite Movies Kung fu panda + Bridewars + Sinbad the sailor + Blind side