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Introduction The internet is obviously an invaluable tool, but it can also work the other way—i.e. comes with certain risks, however far in between. Sparing oneself from potential identity theft or abuse warrants a good measure of anonymity. Hence, the turn towards a pseudonym. This site was not conceived with view to winning blogosphere "popularity contests". Attention-grabbing controversial posturing is out of character here, although it's recognized that many out there do have opinions on any given topic, and that topics which instill polarizing viewpoints may indeed crop up by chance. The overriding goal here is to build a one-stop referential spot for things African, and in doing so, hopefully ease off the flood of misinformation about the continent. Reader commentary isn't restricted, provided that it's done in a respectful insult-free tone. Violation thereof will be met with rejection without reservation. Hope the site proves to be informative to those who care to avail themselves of information gathered herein. Be sure to check the "Developments" link on the top of the page, to look for possible updates elsewhere in the blog!
Interests Art, Population genetics, Human Palaeontology and Anthropology, and Geopolitics!
Favorite Movies Socially-conscious Movies and documentaries.
Favorite Music Dancehall/Reggae, Salsa, Afro-Cuban, 50s & early 60s rock n' roll classics, contemporary Soukous, Mbalax, some 80s disco classics, occasionally--Hip hop...

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