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Introduction Who is Peabea? Sometimes, I wonder that myself as through life my outlook has changed many times. The Peabea is because my name is Patricia (most of my life, I've just been called Pat, but I do like the written name of Patricia) and my last name starts with a B. so I use Peabea on the net.
Interests I blog, I bible journal, I've loved photography since I won a Brownie Camera when I was in grade school. I won it by selling flower and vegetable seeds door to door. I'm still much a novice at it, but love what the camera sees that the eye sometimes doesn't. I still love to do crafts and I crochet and am trying my hand at knitting...only made a couple of bags with the squares that I've made and sewn together. I think crochet is easier. I've been working on two novels for few years, and the characters are still in limbo waiting for me to finish their story. I keep procrastinating on the editing. Even if edited, not sure where to go from there with them.