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Industry Publishing
Location Puerto Rico
Interests Reading, tarot, runes, astrology, Chinese astrology, tattoos, henna tattoos, deviant art, manipulation of photos using PhotoShop, photography, fantasy art (Luis Royo, Boris Vallejo, Jonathon Earl Bowser, Keith Parkinson, Michael Whelan, Linda Ravenscroft, Amy Borwn, Jessica Galbreth, etc.), anything medieval, swords and daggers, guitars (both acoustic and electric guitars - I still own my red Carvin V220 with reverse inline head), dragons, wolves, tigers, vampire, wereanimals, gargoyles, crystal balls, water fountains, candles, incense, chocolate, sunflowers, animals (cats hate me because I remind them of them), belly dance
Favorite Movies Lord of the Rings (trilogy), Star Wars, LadyHawke, Underworld, The Lost Boys, Interview with a Vampire, The Crow, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, X-Men, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Dracula, Van Helsing, The Three Muskeeters, The Man in the Iron Mask, Zorro, Robin Hood, The Highlander, The Count of Montecristo, Dune, The Princess Bride, Disney movies (Mulan, The Hunchback of Notre Damn, Hercules, Beauty &; The Beast, and Lilo &; Stitch)
Favorite Books Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Dark Hunter" series, Kim Harrison's "The Hollows" series, LK Hamilton's "Anita Blake" series, Nancy Gideon's Midnight Vampire series, Shirley Damsgaard's "An Ophelia and Abby Mystery" series, Anne Rice's vampire series and Beauty series, Cassandra Curtis's "I Put a Spell on You, " Cora Zane's "Wicked Temptation, " J.K. Rowlings's "Harry Potter, " Cheyenne McCray's "Magic" series, and many more...